Tantra Massage with Exotic Oil

Tantra Massage with Exotic Oil







Why we are using Exotic Oil?

Why we are always using for the tantra massage session Exotic Oil? Because Exotic Oil will make your skin more soft, more sensitive, and will improve breathing of the skin too. All your body will be covered by massage oil and special techniques of a massage will lead you to the Sheer of Pleasure and great sensations. During the Tantra Massage better to be. concentrated on your body and yourself feelings. You can close your eyes and a masseuse will guide you.

















How it’s will be?


At the beginning will be Full Body massage with special massage oil, it’s massage for all body including genital part too. Masseuses are educated about human’s body and erogenous spots so they will be prepared by knowledge of tantric massage techniques. Enjoy your time in Malaga and call us to make a reservation time for this sensual experience for men, woman, and couples. You will be excited!










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