Frequently Asked Questions

All about the TANTRA massage in Malaga, Spain


1. How can I make a booking?

– You can Book Online
– Call us by phone
– Write a message by WhatsApp messenger
(+34) 644-42-66-01
– Send us e-mail: 

2. What I need to prepare before a massage?

– You can take a shower and relax before a masseuse arrives
– You can turn off sound on your mobile phone
– Please, make the lights softer in the room
– If you have clean and free big towel – you can put it up on the bed to protect from the drops of Exotic Oil. Masseuses will work professional
– A masseuse will bring all necessary materials to visit you, also sensual tantric music. All is planned for your comfort

3. Can I pay by a card? 

– We accept ONLY cash. Thanks for your understanding, we appreciate it!

4. It’s tantra massage only for men? 

– For everyone, this sensual practice is for Men, Woman, and Couples. Special secret techniques of tantra massage will lead you to the Sheer of Pleasure

5. Are masseuses friendly and professional?

– We work with the best masseuses in the city. All masseuses are beautiful, trained body, sensual hands, and educated about all erogenous spots of the body. Masseuses are speaking English well, friendly, and polite

6. How she will looks when will arrive to my hotel room?

– All masseuses wearing good casual clothes and they looks like a normal beautiful person. In the case if in your hotel is free entrance to the elevator – a masseuse will go up directly into your hotel room. If card is necessary a masseuse can meet you downstairs in the lobby.

7. The taxi cost will be included?

– Yes, all prices included the taxi cost to arrive to your hotel and for come back

8. Tips are included?

– Yes, all tips are included in all kind of massages. And if you would like to tip as well – you are welcome