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Outcall Erotic Massage Session for the Hotel in Malaga with beautiful and talented masseuses.
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Massage Menu:
Tantra Massage Malaga


Massage SHIVA – sensual and one of the most popular massage in our menu. This is a combination of erotic and deep tissue massage, with the body to body massage techniques. Full body massage and body to body massage by ancient special techniques to stimulate all erogenous parts. The masseuse will be wearing beautiful underwear. This price includes a taxi for a masseuse. When masseuse will arrive at your hotel room she will prepare a hot ambient and sensual atmosphere. You will be excited because our masseuses are talented and professional! 

60 MIN – 180€
90 MIN – 270€

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Massage Shiva Intense – this is one of the most popular massages because in massage Sutra Intense masseuse works full naked, exotic oil will cover every part of your body, sensual touches and the deepest feelings during the massage session. Our masseuses are beautiful and friendly. Intensive body to body massage by tantric techniques will lead you to the Sheer of Pleasure. Enjoy your time and call us to make a reservation.

60 MIN – 250€
90 MIN – 330€

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Double Sensation Massage –  The real tantra and the most intensive massage session. A masseuse will show you the different techniques of the tantra massage techniques. This massage included two stimulations of the genital area by the hands of a masseuse and Exotic Oil. First one at the beginning and second one at the final part of the massage session. Double Sensation – Double Pleasure for You. You will be pleased and call us to make a reservation time for Tantra Massage Session Double Sensation at your hotel room in Malaga.

60 MIN – 300€
90 MIN – 400€

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Massage for a woman – Massage YONI for a woman is a great tantric technique of stimulation in the genital area. Tantra body to body massage by a male masseur or female specialist. You can book a massage in your comfortable room in Malaga and would be totally relaxed with the lovely hands of masseurs. Our masseuses and masseurs are talented and professional. We have the best recommendations about our team. Show your hidden feelings with our ancient tantric technique. You will feel the deepest sensations in your body, every single part of your body will be touched with exotic oil. Pleasurable sensations are discovered and new amazing feelings. Massage for all the body and also relaxation for your mind.

60 MIN – 180€
90 MIN – 250€

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Tantra Massage for Couples – The best and the most professional Couple Massage with Exotic Oil will lead you to the Sheer of Pleasure. New incredible sensations are discovered, every part of your body will be covered by exotic oil. You will feel the strongest excitation during all the time of the massage session for Couples in Malaga. Masseuses can visit you in your hotel room. Enjoy your time and call us to make a reservation! Delicious and pleasurable massage session for Couples. Our masseuses are using special exotic oil for stimulating all your body and erogenous parts. Body to body massage technique and Massage Lingam for men, Yoni for a woman. When masseuse will arrive she will prepare a hot ambient in your hotel room. Aromatic candles, tantra music, special oil for the body, soft lights. Please turn off the sound on your mobile phone. You will be pure love and passion with our sensual massage practice in Malaga

60 MIN – 250€
90 MIN – 330€

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